W - Corner Meter Pan Ground Clamp


W - Corner Meter Pan Ground Clamp


The Corner Meter Pan Ground Clamp is designed to provide a bonding connection between the metallic frame of a meter pan and a copper ground wire. It features a stainless steel mounting screw that is specially designed to remove/pierce paint on the meter box ensuring a positive metal to metal contact with the box surface. The simple, fast bolt installation keeps the connector securely mounting and lanced bottom edges of the connector securely grip the bottom of the fixed top cover of the meter box. The ground wire cup washer and nut securely seats the looped ground wire beneath the ground wire nut. The Corner Meter Pan Ground Clamp is specially designed for use when no other approved grounding electrode is accessible.


  • For 10 to 14 AWG copper ground wire
  • Made mechanical galvanized steel B695 yellow chromate
  • Tighten screws to 20 in lbs torque
  • UL-Listed
  • Dish approved
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