Emie Solo One Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Retro Smooth Wood Sexy Compact Wireless Speaker System Bluetooth NFC Function. 

Proprietary acoustic design provides efficient, high-quality audio reproduction from a very small system
Enjoy better sound on the go, everywhere you go, with the Emie Solo one Bluetooth speaker. It delivers full, natural sound from an ultra-compact speaker that fits in the palm of your hand
A lithium-ion battery gives you hours of unplugged play time. And the included charging cradle keeps the speaker fully charged while serving as its convenient home base
It connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device, so you can listen to your music, videos or games anytime, anywhere. Just grab it and go

Original, modern, and breathtaking design - A perfect gadget in living room, on working bench, and at the bedside
Aesthetically and fashionably shaped sound box reveals sexy curves and wood texture and delivers smooth sense of touch
Connection compatible with Bluetooth, NFC, or 3.5mm Audio port. Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery of 900mAh
Two 1" tweeters ensure the substances of stereo sound thus providing an enjoyable listening experience in a small space
Easy and convenient to switch on/off and reset connection by touching and adjust volume by sliding on the touch panel

Technical details 
Brand Name:Emie
Speaker:Two 1" tweeters
SNR (Signal Noise Ratio):⩾75dB
Category:Bluetooth Speaker
Frequency Range:80Hz - 18kHz
Sound Track:2.0 Stereo Sound
Power Input:DC IN 12V === 1.2A
Power Adapter:5W x 2RMS 1% THD
Battery:Li-ion 900mAh Rechargeable Battery
Connectivity:NFC (Near Field Communications), Bluetooth® 3.0 Technology, Audio In jack (3.5 mm stereo)


  • Advanced audio performance delivers a full-range listening experience. Excellent high / medium / low frequency effects
  • Sleeker styling, great design aesthetic,fascinating curves
  • Touch key, slide the adjusting the volume. The most compact speaker from Emie easily goes where you go
  • Proprietary Emie technology livens up your kitchen, bedroom or living room with quality sound
  • Control your music with Bluetooth on your phone, tablet, or computer. Fill your home with music over time .
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