Dish Network DPP 44 Switch Slim Line with Power Insert

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Latest Up to Date Design, New Slim Line Design, lighter Weight ½ Weight of earlier 44 Switches, Smaller Size takes up less space. The DISH Pro Plus 44 Switch features DISH Pro Plus Technology, LNBF inputs supporting four orbital locations, four receiver outputs, expansion ports to connect additional switches, and a power inserter. 


- DISH Pro Plus-compatible dual-tuner receivers (942, 625, 921,722,522,622,222 and 322) can be connected with a single-cable, when used with a DISH Pro Plus Separator. 

- Provides four LNBF inputs for reception from up to four locations.

- Four "trunk" connections, to "trunk" to another DP44 Switch.

- A ("legacy") type receiver (non-DishPro receivers) can be connected to a DishPro DPP44 Switch, without using a DishPro Adapter. The DPP44 switch has built-in DISH Pro Adaptor which will allow this switch to be used with any DISH Network receiver including older legacy equipment. Can only be used with DishPro or DPPlus LNBFs

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