Corning Gilbert GAF-UR-11-MH RG11 Coaxial Connectors

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This UltraRange® Series, GAF-UR-11-MH connector, is a multiple hex, high performance, sealed compression connector. Its design incorporates a combination 7/16” and 9/16” nut. The 7/16” hex is designed for use with a standard torque wrench, while the larger hex is used with a security sleeve. The 9/16” hex also improves the grip on the nut when threading onto ports. Together with the connector’s free-spinning nut—which seals when tightened—and the thread starting guide, the UltraRange 11 Multi-Hex connector installs faster with greater reliability. The connector’s unique compression design accommodates 60% through quad shield braid coverage cables with a single connector, minimizing inventory. Connectorization is performed quickly and consistently without the risk of misalignment of multiple parts


  • Combination 7/16” & 9/16” nut may be tightened using a standard 7/16 torque wrench and/or 9/16 security sleeve tool
  • Free-spinning, sealed nut design permits the nut to spin freely for easy installation; the o-ring seals when nut is tightened
  • Sealing system passes the SCTE interface moisture migration test (SCTE IPS TP 013)
  • Center pin extends, giving a visible indication of proper cable insertion
  • Nickel-plated exterior for excellent corrosion resistance
  • One-piece construction eliminates lost components
  • One step cable preparation
  • 360 radial compression at the connector/cable interface provides excellent RF shielding and prevents moisture migration
  • One connector for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Uses commonly available compression tools
  • Cable center conductor trim guide permanently marked on connector
  • Cable series permanently marked on connector for easy identification
  • For outdoor applications, the Gilbert Seal Ring (G-SR-1/2) will prevent moisture from entering the connector/equipment interface on ports which meet SCTE IPS SP 400
  • Bag is 25 pcs
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